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Pro-export activities

Send Print Download added: Krzysztof Kuciński | 2015-03-29 07:50:00
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As part of the COIE (Investor Service Center) Network operating throughout the country, in Świętokrzyskie Province, within the Department of Regional Policy of the Province Governor’s Office in Kielce, an Investor Service Centre was established, implementing also measures to support the export of products from the region.

According to the Province Governor’s Office in Kielce, the goal of the project is to increase the level of internationalization of Polish companies by providing business people with access to comprehensive, free information services for planning, organization and implementation of export and/or investments outside Poland.

The Center, as part of its services, principally engages in the information and promotional activities. In both Polish and foreign databases, it searches for information on potential business partners in exports or on the impact of a specific project in a selected foreign market. The agency also organizes contacts with the partners selected by the business people.

From the point of view of export business planning, it is extremely important to have information on the market or markets for specific products and services. The Świętokrzyskie COI is also involved in the acquisition and sharing of such data, also in the form of foreign reports, analyses, market research, sectoral studies. It obtains and prepares the data relating to legal aspects of the principles of opening branches and representative offices abroad.

According to the COIE, it acquires and also provides information to facilitate the adjustment of export strategy of the companies to the given foreign market, and to make a selection of efficient and effective marketing tools in a particular country or region. This permits to save money and eliminate losses due to possible errors in the selection of media and promotional activities in the market.

As part of the COIE services, business people can count also on comprehensive information on the “existing methods of international payments, trade customs and usances, export transactions financing techniques, methods of export risk assessment and risk management".

The interested parties can also count on the information on the sources and procedures for obtaining funds from EU assistance programs that can support the export activities and foreign projects

The institution also provides information on export support instruments in the financial, service, institutional sphere, and on support facilities for exporters and investors in Poland and in foreign markets, including through government agencies, foreign offices and chambers of commerce.

The COIEs organize also business missions abroad and to the region.

The Swietokrzyskie platform of foreign cooperation

An interesting form of support for potential exporters is also the “Świętokrzyskie Platform of Foreign Cooperation”. This online tool dedicated to entities wishing to cooperate with foreign partners is active in three languages: Polish, English and Russian at

As the director of the Department of Promotion, Education, Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Provincial Governor’s Office in Kielce Mr. Jacek Kowalczyk told PAP, an online platform for international cooperation is a response to the interest of many entities in establishing contacts with potential foreign partners. “We have e-mails, telephones, but it is worthwhile to form a database and place of associating partners in one place. The best is of course the internet, hence the idea of such a solution”, he said.

The Świętokrzyskie Platform of Foreign Cooperation is the first such project in Poland pursued with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Polish home in Brussels

Since February 2010, the so-called “Home of Eastern Poland” has been active in Brussels, kept by the governments of the five provinces of the macro-region. As Mr. Kowalczyk told PAP, the project also has a “significant impact” on attracting foreign partners for companies in the region looking for their opportunities in exports. The building has, among other things, a conference hall, where representatives of the business can hold meetings in the capital of the united Europe. They can also benefit from substantive help of the people working there.

The Home of Eastern Poland is an impressive, almost a century old building at one of the elegant thoroughfares near the European institutions.

Other activities

Quite an original idea of promoting exports is planned for the beginning of 2015 by the together with Świętokrzyskie province ... together with the Vive Tauron Kielce handball club. This one of the best handball teams in Europe, owing to whom the name “Kielce” is widely known not only in sports, for several years has pursued jointly with the Region authorities a PLN 10 million project of the promotion of Świętokrzyskie with the support of European funds. Now it is to be extended for the duration of the World Cup in Qatar, which will be held in January of 2015.

During the championships, promotional activities of the region are to focus on the economy and exports. In this way, the Arabian Peninsula is to get information about two important sectors of the region's economy: food processing and medical spas.

The planned promotional campaign in Qatar envisages creating a website, multilingual publications and promotional meetings involving Vive players, who will participate in the tournament in their national teams (Poland, Croatia, Germany, Spain). As admitted in an interview with reporters at the beginning of November, the President of the club, Bertus Servaas of the Netherlands, the past cooperation of the club with the region is considered “pioneering “ among the representatives of the European handball “and raises great interest even in the environment of the European Handball Federation (EHF)”.



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