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Świętokrzyskie – Investment Incentives

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The long industrial tradition of the Świętokrzyskie Province are continued in many areas and by a growing range of investors who decide to locate their projects between the Vistula and the Pilica rivers.

The development of many sectors of the economy in the region is supported by, among others, the Special Economic Zone “Starachowice” S.A. and to a lesser extent, the Tarnobrzeg Wisłosan Euro-Park.

The Special Economic Zone “Starachowice” S.A. was established by the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of September 9, 1997. until December 31, 2026. Since April 8, 2014. SEZ “Starachowice” has, according to data from April 2014, a total area of 644.4646 hectares, and its reach goes well beyond the area of the Świętokrzyskie Province.

The Starachowice zone has considerable success to its credit; suffice it to say that, among others, through its business it became possible to reduce the problem of unemployment in Starachowice. This can be seen by comparing the data for this county with neighboring ones having equally rich industrial traditions and difficult history of transformation. The greatest success, however, is international appreciation of its activities. SEZ “Starachowice” S.A found a place, inter alia, among the top 50 of the report "Financial Times - fDi Magazine" entitled “Free Zones of the Future 2012/13”. According to KPMG research of 2012, investment in this area satisfy 92 percent of investors. 100 percent investors, according to a 2008 report by the same firm, were satisfied with the infrastructure. In 2009, also by KPMG, 92 percent of them recommended this place their business partners.

The land offered to investors includes both areas with industrial facilities – production halls, warehouses, office buildings – as well as land with utilities but without buildings. In the investment areas there are: electricity, gas, heat, water for industrial and domestic purposes, a sewage network, a fixed telecommunications network, a well-developed system of internal roads permitting access to the facilities located within the zone.

According to the Świętokrzyskie COIE, in the course of negotiations, the investor selects a specific site for the needs of the planned project. SEZ “Starachowice” S.A. makes a separation of the property in accordance with the needs of any particular investor.

According to information on the website of SEZ “Starachowice”, the zone is developed in 66 percent. In total, 159 business permits were issued, which resulted in investments in the amount of PLN 1,817.52 million and 6,230 jobs.

As reported on the zone’s site, businesses operating in SEZ “Starachowice” upon a permit are exempt from income tax on: investment spending specified in the permit – up to 70 percent of total capital expenditures or the level of employment specified in the permit – up to 70 percent of two-year labor costs incurred. The size of taxable income exempt from tax is calculated individually for each business, considering the assumed parameters of the proposed business and the maximum intensity of regional aid afforded in the Region, which established the zone.

The minimum amount of investment spending is EUR 100 thousand.

Under current law, operating in the zone requires a permit, which is issued by the authority of the zone empowered by the minister responsible for the economy.

The Special Economic Zone “Starachowice” SA has premises situated in the Świętokrzyskie, Mazowieckie, Opole, Łódź and Lublin provinces. Most of them, of course, in the first of the above.

The areas are characterized by, among others, good infrastructure connection to the network of major roads in Poland. The first group of sub-zones located in the northern part of the Świętokrzyskie province along the axis of national highways 42 and 9 are: Starachowice (168.03 ha), Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski (78.4 ha), Skarżysko-Kamienna (9.7 ha), Końskie (64.1 ha) and Stąporków (34.1 ha). In close proximity to national highway S7 there is also a facility located in Suchedniów, Skarżysko County (6.7 ha). There are also great locations south of Kielce in the booming municipality of Morawica (80.4 ha) at the national highway 73 Kielce-Tarnów. In turn, in Kielce there is a sub-zone of 17.8 hectares.

In the Świętokrzyskie province, within the SEZ there are also zones in Sędziszów (17.1 ha) - near the broad-gauge railway line LH-S and in the south of the region in Połaniec, Staszów County, with an area of 22.3 hectares. The attractiveness of the latter of the said sub-zones particularly increased in the autumn of 2014 with the completion of a new bridge over the Vistula river to facilitate communication between the Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpacie provinces, and project zones operating there.

In the Świętokrzyskie province there are also two sub-zones, established in Tarnobrzeg (Podkarpacie) SEZ Wisłosan Euro-Park. These are Staszów (104.1 ha) and Opatów located at the intersection of national highways 9 and 74 (5.76 ha)

Parks and incubators

Kielce: Among the places important from the point of view of investors where one can start business activity, the following must be named: Kielce Technology Park in Kielce, the Regional Centre for Science and Technology in Podzamcze Chęcińskie, the Skarżysko Technology Incubator, the Starachowice Enterprises Incubator, the Business Incubator in Ostrowiec

The Kielce Technology Park (KTP) is an innovative place to do business, operating within modern infrastructure. The Park helps in starting a business and taking first steps in business, and promotes dynamic development in the existing businesses.

The support that may be available to KPT tenants is included in the three main areas of business: renting real estate, business services and development services.

According to the COIE, KTP offers flexible lease terms, modern and friendly environment, scientific and business care, counseling and training, facilitating cooperation with partners, increasing synergy benefits, transfer of technology, comfort and the best address in Kielce.

As part of the Park, there is a Technology Incubator in new, well-equipped premises. Tenants can count on access to business-development services and an opportunity to benefit from conference-training rooms adapted to modern needs. Among the services offered at the institution we should mention access to broadband Internet, renting fully-equipped conference rooms, printing services, rental of equipment and furniture. The IT Building 24/7 protection is ensured. Tenants are promoted on the KTP site. IT provides reception service, postal and telephone services, access to social rooms and car park. In the area of development services are offered general and specific training, workshops, conferences, consulting in: patent and intellectual property, commercialization of knowledge, strategic planning and innovative product management, marketing and technological audits, assessment of market potential of a project, advice on preparing a business plan, assistance in obtaining external funding, search for business partners, providing research - development services, contacts database.

As part of the KTP there is also a technology center designed for domestic and foreign investors who have their development based on innovative technology solutions in the field of production and services.

From December 14, 2010, by a decision of the Prime Minister, the Kielce Technology Park area was included in the Special Economic Zone "Starachowice".

The investment incentive in the Kielce Technology Park is addressed to the new companies and those operating in the market for no longer than three years. It involves preferential lease rates:

Year 1 (up to 12 months): 30 percent of the base rate

Year 2 (13 to 24 months): 50 percent of the base rate

Year 3 (25-36 months): 75 percent of the base rate

Year 4 (over 36 months): 100 percent of the base rate

PODZAMCZE CHĘCIŃSKIE: In the immediate vicinity of Route 7, just a few kilometers from Kielce, in the Chęciny municipality, there is the Regional Centre for Science and Technology. The aim of the institution is to focus activities and local initiatives for economic development by combining the potential of universities, scientific institutions with business environment institutions and entrepreneurs. The main focus is on the transfer of modern technology and business development.

In the park, there are, among others, Poland's first Public Stem Cell Bank and the Leonardo da Vinci Centre for Science.

SKARŻYSKO KAMIENNA: On the map of the region’s investment opportunities it is noteworthy to acknowledge the activity of the Skarżysko Technology Incubator. This project aims to increase economic activity of Skarżysko and the surrounding area by supporting the development of businesses, and improvement of their technological and investment potential.

The Skarżysko Technology Incubator offers for rent 10 production halls and five warehouses. Each production hall has its own sanitary facilities and offices, where it is possible to connect the Internet and telephone service. In addition, all halls have independently metered utilities and gates leading to them with a height of 4 m. The height of the halls is 6.11 m, and permissible pressure on the floor is 7.5 kN/m2. The building of the Skarżysko Technology Incubator is under constant personal protection. It is equipped with electronic security and external monitoring. Near the building there is an illuminated maneuvering area of 5000 sq. m. and a car parking for 50-60 vehicles. As part of the available activities, there is assistance of a support group in terms of legal, financial, informational, institutional and formal aspects.

OSTROWIEC ŚWIĘTOKRZYSKI: In the second most populated city of the region - Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, there is a Business Incubator. Its main goal, as in the case of those mentioned previously, is the creation of such tools of business support that after the incubation period these businesses are able to function independently on the market. The Business Incubator wants to be also a place to inspire business cooperation, exchange of experience and mutual assistance, which to small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly a way to face competition and win market success.

Investment areas

Information about these investment areas can be obtained directly by contacting the staff of the Investor and Entrepreneurship Service Center, in Kielce, e-mail: In addition, it can be found on the website and

In its database, the Investor and Entrepreneurship Service Center has 84 offers from the whole region, including investment areas and production facilities (greenfield and brownfield)



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